UEO Information Guide

Report of Non-University Activities (RNUA)
Disclosure and Request for Prior Approval
Unit Executive Officer (UEO) Information Guide


  • Ensure that all eligible academic staff employees comply with this policy. Academic staff should understand that compliance with university policies is included in the terms of employment (See Article IX of Board of Trustees Statutes - http://www.bot.uillinois.edu/statutes). Academic staff includes faculty, academic professionals, and postdoctoral associates. Civil Service employees are covered under a different policy and do not complete the RNUA (See Rule 16.01).  Additional resources for civil service employees are available on the VPR website.
  • Inform eligible employees that the forms, detailed instructions, and additional resources are available under the RNUA section of the VPR website.
  • Emphasize that this process is not mere “reporting” but requires prior approval.
  • Reinforce that if academic staff member’s activities change during the year, they must submit a revised form in advance for review and approval of the activities.
  • Obtain the departmental checklist online, update the checklist as needed by adding or striking out names, and submit the completed departmental checklist to the next administrative level.
  • Collect completed report forms from all academic staff in their units each year.
  • Engage in discussions and follow up questions with academic staff as needed to clarify the details of any reported activities as well as any activities you think may have been overlooked or unreported. Careful administrative review is required of forms initially submitted in the fall as well as any revised forms received during the academic year.
  • Complete and Sign Part IV if activities are disclosed in Part I & II; and sign in Part V on page two of each form.
  • Respond within 14 days of receiving an academic staff’s request for approval of activities. If 14 days pass without a response, the academic staff member has the right to take the request to the next higher administrative level.
  • Provide academic staff the opportunity to respond before the form is transmitted to the next administrative level if you deny any activities or don’t reach voluntary agreement with the academic staff member about how to manage or eliminate the conflict.
  • Be sensitive to at least these general categories of problems during the administrative review and approval process:
    • Educational programs/progress (or other interests) of students or other staff might be detrimentally affected by involvement in the reported non-University activities of a staff member.
    • University research programs and agendas might be inappropriately influenced by the external interests or involvements.
    • Dissemination of knowledge might be unduly constrained.
    • Public resources might be used for private gain.
  • Forward to the college any forms requiring additional review and/or approval. Also forward all attached statements. Forms requiring additional review and approval include:
    • Forms where activities are denied by the UEO
    • Forms where the UEO has determined that activities reported may present a real or potential conflict of interest or commitment
    • UEO’s own RNUA form
    • Unit checklist
  • Keep copies of the forms on file in the department for as long as the staff member is at the University and upon the academic staff member’s termination.
  • Comply with requests for copies of forms in the event of a federal audit, freedom of information act request, or administrative request for review.
  • Meet processing deadlines:
    • September 16: RNUA forms are released
    • September 30: Completed forms due to departments
    • October 21: Reviewed forms due to colleges
    • November 11: Reviewed forms due to the OVC or VP
    • December 16: Campus notification to OVPR confirming submission and review of RNUA forms by units and departments


Contact the conflict of commitment and interest officer as listed at http://research.uillinois.edu/rnua/contacts.