Quick Reference Guide

Report of Non-University Activities (RNUA)
Quick Reference Guide for Processing


  • September 16: RNUA forms are released
  • September 30: Completed forms due to departments
  • October 21: Reviewed forms due to colleges
  • November 11: Reviewed forms due to the OVC or VP


  • Are all academic staff members accounted for? (Add/cross out names neatly as needed. Optional blank checklist sheets are available online for adding names.)
  • Are all columns completed for each academic staff member? (report filed; activities denied; conflict identified; forwarded to unit executive officer (UEO); forwarded for secondary units signatures)
  • Signatures? (UEO, second level, as appropriate. The same person cannot sign in two places.)


Did the Academic Staff member complete the form with appropriate detail?

  • Academic staff that answer “yes” to questions in Part I of the RNUA form, should complete Part II of the RNUA form. Part II provides an explanation of Non-University Activities disclosed under Part I. You should indicate that the explanation in Part II corresponds with a question in Part I.
  • If the academic staff has more than one outside entity, organization, or individual, the academic staff member should complete the RNUA Part II Additional Reporting Sheet.

Did the Unit Executive Officer complete the form with appropriate detail?

  • If no activities were reported, then the UEO should skip Part IV, and sign the form in Part V. If additional signatures from a secondary appointment are needed, the home department will take the lead in obtaining the review from the secondary appointment. Once the form has the signatures from the first level of review, the form should be filed in the department.
  • If activities are reported, then the UEO should complete the review and approval sections, Part IV (1) and (2).


  • If activities are denied, the UEO should attach an explanation for denial of the activities, and suggest corrective actions to manage the activities.
  • If activities were reported but do not require being reported (see COCI Policy examples), then indicate that the activities do not require reporting. The UEO should skip Part IV (2) and complete Part V.

The UEO must make a determinination that either:

  • Activities reported do not present a conflict of commitment or interest. In such cases, the RNUA form does not require a second level of review. The form should be signed by the UEO and kept on file in the department.
  • Activities reported were approved and/or may present a conflict of commitment or interest, then the form requires an explanation from the UEO on how activities will be monitored; the form must be forwarded for a second level of review.
  • Activities reported were denied and/or may present a conflict of commitment or interest. The UEO should attach an explanation regarding the denial of activities and should suggest management mechanisms (e.g. eliminating or reducing external activities). The UEO must notify the employee and allow him/her the opportunity to respond before transmitting the form to the next level of review.

Original RNUA forms must be forwarded for a second level of review when:

  • An academic staff member’s activities are denied by the UEO
  • UEO determines that activities reported may present a real or potential conflict of interest or commitment
  • Form is the UEO’s own RNUA form

Unit Checklist must be forwarded to the College. Colleges will forward checklists and RNUA forms that require a second level of review to VPR [UA], VCR [UIUC & UIC/Hospital], and Provost [UIS].